Environmental Work

Five years ago Hydroline Solutions was mainly a pipeline contractor. This work involved us in crossing many environments including farms, high quality sports grounds, protected arboretums and even residential gardens to name but a few. Of course we are responsible for protecting and reinstating the areas through which we install pipelines and we pride ourselves in being one of the best at this important aspect, if not the best in class.

Pipeline work crosses many and varied habitats. In the recent past the nature of our projects has presented risks to Great Crested Newts, Bats, Dormice, Badgers, Birds, Cave Spiders, Slow-worms, Water-Voles, flowers and almost always, trees. We have always successfully managed these.

We also come from the Somerset Levels. Our own head office and depot has flood prevention features. We work on the flood prevention system managed by the Internal Drainage Boards whose very purpose is environmental protection. All aspects of their work is environmentally sensitive.

Thanks to these responsibilities, we see it as natural that we have developed a high level of environmental awareness and capability.

Our work has constantly presented engineering challenges such that we developed skills to build cofferdams and stanks (which are small cofferdams traditionally of timber made watertight with clay), thrust blocks, retaining walls, weirs and many other structures. The pipelines and infrastructure we build and install have been mainly in the clean water and waste sectors, themselves both global environmental arenas. Skills learned in water and waste water Pipeline and Treatment Plant environments are readily applied to newer environmentally beneficial projects and this has seen us undertaking bio methane gas capture work, feeding into the grid.

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