Early Contractor Involvement

The thing which sets Hydroline Solutions apart from its competitors is a user friendly approach with a high level of technical expertise. We can and do help client and construction teams when it comes to the highly technical resolution of construction challenges.

The preparatory work for infrastructure projects often consumes an extraordinary amount of time, money and human resources and is often not particularly cost-effective. Early contractor involvement (or 'ECI') allows the contractor with all its experience and learning from actually delivering the work to become involved, and potentially start work, before the design has been completed. Tremendous ‘value engineering’ time and cost savings can be achieved though relatively minor amendments to design.

It can also offer other benefits. For example, when Hydroline Solutions was selected to undertake an additional element of work on Bristol Water’s Southern Strategic Support Main, expected to be the largest the largest single trunk mains project in the 2015-2020 Water Industry Asset Management period.

This involved a 1.9 Km section of new main, laid along an abandoned railway line called the Strawberry Line. A challenging section of work involved pipework installation through a 500 metre tunnel and cutting section through hard rock at Shute Shelve Hill. The tunnel is occupied by a colony of bats which had to be carefully considered and protected throughout. Hydroline Solutions contributed to critical Early Contractor Involvement and advised the reduction of the depth of cut into the rock floor by incorporating smaller diameter side by side pipelines through the section, reducing root disturbance and improving ‘dragability’ of the pipes. By reducing cut into the rock, disturbance of the bats was minimised; and cost and time risks were also reduced.

Hydroline Solutions prides itself on working closely with clients of all types; often blue chip multi-national organisations,  to find innovative solutions to down to earth, practical construction challenges.  Working in all sectors from commercial, residential and retail, health and transport, we can apply engineering solutions to every project.

Hydroline Solutions makes a commitment to follow through with delivery of a quality product through safe working practices and a can do approach on all of our projects.

Hydroline Solutions carries Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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