Hemerden Mine

Hemerden Mine

Hemerden Mine


Wolf Minerals


Plymouth, Devon



Key Facts:

  • Multi services infrastructure
  • Collaborative working


The Hemerden Mine, located 7 miles north of Plymouth is estimated to hold the fourth largest tin-tungsten deposit in the world. Tungsten is used in the manufacture of electrodes, heating elements, bulb filaments, cathode ray tubes, in heavy metal alloys for cutting and drilling tools and in ‘superalloys’ to form wear resistant coatings. It has the highest melting and boiling points of any element.

The mine had been dormant since 1944 until Australian firm Wolf Minerals started work to reopen it in 2014. One of the first appointments was for Hydroline Solutions to undertake the installation, testing and commissioning of potable water, raw water, LV and HV electric and compressed air supplies into and around the mine. It was also awarded the surface water sewage, pumped foul water mains, sewage treatment plant and civil engineering works including constructing concrete slabs and plinths.