Chalbury: Water mains renewal

Chalbury: Water mains renewal

Chalbury: Water mains renewal


Kier Integrated Services Ltd

Primary Client:

Bournemouth Water


Near Wimborne, Dorset



Key Facts:

  • Water Mains Renewal
  • Directional Drilling


This mains water renewal contract provided a new 450mm polyethylene SDR17 clean water mains pipe running almost exactly 2 Km from Chalbury Service Reservoir to and along the main road at Horton. The route crossed several land ownerships over steeply undulating topography and crossed the Chalbury Road.

Pre contract client liaison with the landowners had generated a commitment to employ directional drilling method rather than ‘open cut’ to lay the new pipes with the intent of minimising disruption to the land. Directional drilling was specified for 98% of the pipeline work.

Weather conditions through February and March included the ‘Beast from the east’, a local Red Weather Warning, 68% above normal rainfall in March and a second ‘little beast’ storm. This presented challenges to the directional drilling work, a process requiring considerable additional water.

Hydroline Solutions’ scope included the design and provision of traffic management for the road crossing and along Horton Road as well as compounding, fencing, chambers, fittings and reinstatement.